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let's dO THIS

I am Celly. On the subject of tumblr.
  • My first and most active blog is beforemeanwhileafter, where I partake in everything from politics, to fandoms, to those random nature scenery pictures everybody hates. Marvel films / Supernatural / Sherlock Holmes / actors (Hiddlestoner) / music / rape prevention / fanfiction / fanart / fanmusic / Star Trek / all those old shows you probably don't remember unless you have an insanely stupid memory like I do / literature / arts / CATS gog damn cats mang / Homestuck / Danny Phantom / Doctor Who / Pokémon / My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. etc etc etc...
  • My second blog is arrosakuartzo, which goes by the same name as my journal here on Dreamwidth. This one is actually proving to be a bit of a doozy. I meant it for a different purpose (personal on a different level than my fandomish blog) but I made a whoopsie on the content, and the theme's kind of a twit to deal with. If you're willing to wait until I sort it out, I sincerely hope you won't be disappointed.
  • Last, but not least, is aangiescircusarmageddon. It's dedicated to a completely original story I am working on. One I will most likely post here once I feel confident enough to show it to others. I intend for its purpose to be a hub of activity involving my story and characters – assuming they'll be as successful as I hope they will be. Or else, I'm not doing my job as a creator. And Dreamwidth/LiveJournal are places for creators.